Invitation to illustrators, animators, designers, artists,
entrepreneurs, educators, musicians, audiovisual artists, and many
more, to become part of various remote projects.



Conferences are a part of TRImarchi’s essence. Along the road, our stage has been honored by the presence of major figures such as Seymour Chwast, Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, Ellen Lupton, among many other speakers.
This year, it’s your turn. If you wish to speak to the community about your career, projects and experiences, sign up for this category and participate to win:

The possibility of giving a talk in the livestreamed closing show of the 2021 TRImarchi Open Call.

A virtual meeting with BRAULIO AMADO, where he will give you feedback on your proposal.

A virtual meeting with Pablo and Seba, where they will guide you to prepare your talk.

An incentive of USD 1,000

There are


Although TRImarchi loves and wants to support various artistic expressions and disciplines, it was graphic design that marked our path. For that reason we especially think about this proposal: If you are a graphic designer, register in this category to show us what you do and participate for:

Designing the visual identity of the livestreamed closing show of the 2021 TRImarchi Open Call for Proposals.

A virtual consultation meeting with Braulio Amado.

An incentive of USD 1,500.

There are


A wide range of artists have found in TRImarchi a place to showcase their work. We know that many good ideas just need a helping hand to materialize. So if you have an artistic project in mind that you wish to develop and exhibit, sign up for this category and participate to win:

Three virtual consultation meetings with DIANA AISENBERG

USD 2,500 in financial support to develop your work

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TRImarchi was created to meet the needs of trend seekers, and for many other reasons. If teaching is your thing and you want to share what you know with the world, sign up for this category and participate for:

Having your own course at Domestika

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Fashion design

Are you looking to create or give a boost to your apparel brand? Then you’ve come to the right place. Sign up for this category and win:

USD 2,500 in financial support to develop or promote your project.

Three virtual consultation meetings with Spanish designer David Méndez Alonso (Outsiders Division)

There are


This section is for those who make things happen in the community. If you have a personal creative or artistic project that you wish to grow, this is your place in this open call. Sign up here to win:

Three virtual consultation meetings with Vik Arrieta (Monoblock)

USD 2,500 in financial support to develop your project

There are


Music has always held a special place in our heart, so this category will be recognizing the work of two artists. If you make music, both as a solo artist or in a band, you cannot miss out on this opportunity. Share a song that you’ve written, and if you’re selected, you can win:

Music artist 1

Shooting of a music video for your song, with a director selected from the category “Music video” and produced by ORCO videos.

A virtual meeting with musician and songwriter Ca7riel to discuss your music

Music artist 2

Funding for the recording and production of a single in a top-level recording studio.

A virtual meeting with musician and songwriter Ca7riel to discuss your music

Design of the cover art for your single by a participant selected from the category “TRImarchi collective”

There are

Music video

This category is for people wishing to direct a music video. Sign up and participate to win:

A chance to direct a music video, fully produced by ORCO Videos

An incentive of USD 1,000

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Colectivo TRImarchi

Colectivo TRImarchi is our idea of a large scale studio that leaves no one out. Throughout these years, we have carried out projects with a number of brands and music bands, bringing together the TRImarchi community by combining enjoyment and professionalism.
Sign up for this category to access the possibility of working with us in specific projects that will take place throughout the year. We have a number of ideas in the pipeline, so this call is far-reaching: illustrators, designers, typographers, photographers, ceramists, muralists, artisans, and a very long etcetera.

There are



Designer, illustrator, and art director. He is currently the director of his own agency, BAD Studio. He worked for Pentagram, Bloomberg Business Week, and Wieden Kennedy and collaborated with artists such as Frank Ocean, Beck, Washed Out, and major clients such as Boiler Room, The New York Times, Apple, Nike, and Adidas.

Foto © Chris Maggio


Visual artist, painter, writer, teacher and curator. She was a member of the faculty of the Universidad de Buenos Aires and coordinated the visual arts department of the Centro Cultural Rojas. Her educational work has been recognized by the Argentine Critics Association.


DJ, curator, violinist, radio host, and artist. She worked for the independent rap label Stones Throw Records and was a member of the Boiler Room crew. In 2020, she released Cult Survivor, her debut album.

Fotos © Matthias Aschauer


Musician, singer and songwriter. In 2015 he released his first hip hop album, Cve7e. In 2018 he formed a trap duo with Paco Amoroso. He collaborated with other major urban sound acts including WOS, Chita, Duki and Bizarrap.


Vik is a social communicator, editor, writer, illustrator, and director of Monoblock, a project that she co-founded with Pablo Galuppo in 2004. In 2014, she published her first novel, Dangerous Networks, and in 2015 she launched her own line of products, Happimess.


Illustrator, art director, designer, and director of the apparel design project Outsiders Division. He worked for a number of brands including Adidas, Converse, G-Star, H&M, Levi’s, Wrangler, Samsung, Nissan, Perrier, Pull & Bear and Reebok.


Cartoonist, comedian, actor, radio host and director. He created and starred in the series Famoso; he developed the shows El Show de Cúmulo & Nimbo, Total Periodismo, Aventuras de Corazón Roto and Acquaintance for UN3.TV; he was also co-host of the radio show Últimos Cartuchos.


Julián Gonzalez Díaz (aka Orco) is an audiovisual producer mainly known for his music videos. He directed music videos for Pablo Lescano, Paulo Londra, Dante, Neo Pistea, Duki, Cazzu, Nathy Peluso, Perota Chingó, Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso, among other acts. In 2016 he presented his first feature film, Me quedo contigo (I stand by you).


Pablo "Pacheco" González Díaz and Sebastián "Acampante" Valdivia are both graphic designers and founders of TRImarchi, the most important design conference of Latin America with 20 years of history. A little over one year ago, TRImarchi joined forces with Domestika, with whom it shares its commitment to the creative community and dedication to fostering and democratizing knowledge.